How the Reverse Directorship Search Benefits Your Company

conflict of interest

Hiring senior-level employees is a different level of challenge as compared to hiring other employees, as the position plays a strategic role in a company. Bad hiring decisions at the senior level can have a ripple effect not only from a monetary aspect but also on morale and reputation. An example would be Yahoo’s case in 2012 when CEO Thompson was caught to have falsified his academic credential document. And there is also the latest case of a convicted criminal who was briefly assigned as a Transjakarta boss.

Given the tremendous risks, conducting more in-depth background screening for senior level hires is prominent. The reverse directorship search is among the most important checks that must be performed before finalizing the hiring decision.

The reverse directorship check aims to determine the candidate’s previous and/or current positions in other companies, as well as to verify any shareholding capacities. The check  should also be done on any candidate who has ever held any self-employed position. By conducting this check, you can identify at least two things:

  1. Conflict of interest
  2. Disqualification. A disqualification might suggest that a candidate is either unsuitable to hold a directorship role or is outright barred from doing so.

The background screening process indeed is a tedious stage in hiring an employee as it takes a lot of time and resources. However, it is critical that the company invests time and resources for this stage. Integrity Indonesia has up to more than fifteen years of experience in providing compliance services, one of which is background screening. We are able to conduct background screening on your potential candidate, including a nation-wide reverse directorship search. Contact us today.

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