Our Core Features

Prisma ™ Application

With our pre-employment screening technology, Prisma™, we will collaborate with you to manage your screening requests securely and swiftly via an interface platform while avoiding flows of emails.

Applicant Portal

We offer a transparent and convenient background screening methods through the Applicant Portal. The client can invite candidates to fill, submit and upload the required information easily through the application.

API Integration

Our API Integration allows Prisma™ to be conveniently added or integrated into the use of client’s HR Information Systems. Our core integrations solutions provide a seamless user experience.

Our Services

Identification Checks

The identification check allows you to ensure that the candidate you are screening is the real candidate that you are going to hire. Read more

Credential Checks

The credential check serves as an authentication method for credential claims, which includes the educational qualification and professional qualification check. Read more

Financial Checks

The financial check identifies any of your candidates’ adverse financial information. The check is a prerequisite for positions that have high in financial responsibility. Read more

Integrity Checks

This check is critical to prevent your organization from hiring candidates who are not aligned with your organization’s value. Read more

Health & Drug Testing

Health assessments and drug screenings can be mandated as a part of a government’s regulations or as a prerequisite for certain job positions. Read more

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