ARANEA: How Technology Enhances The Background Screening and Due Diligence

araneaThe Court check can be tedious and come with high risk of human error. In Indonesia, one district court has one Case Information System or called SIPP that records data of both civil and criminal cases. Currently, there are over 250 SIPP in nation wide.

Despite the digitization and public access, the SIPP are not centralized. This is problematic as one has to check the SIPP one by one to ensure whether the name of a person or organization they are conducting the court check upon is found in each SIPP.

ARANEA overcomes these challenges. ARANEA is an Indonesian Court Search Engine which streamlines the tedious court check by checking tens of millions litigation data from over 250 SIPP in Indonesia.

How ARANEA benefits your employment background screening and due diligence

The tool is used by our analysts to conducting court checks, covering civil litigation, criminal, labour, bankruptcy and intellectual property cases throughout the whole country.

By relying on ARANEA, our analysts obtain the court information available – such as case number, status, classification, registration date, type of case.

The benefits of deploying ARANEA:

  • More precise court check search results
  • Less time-consuming court check process
  • Nation-wide search

The court check is an important part of employment background screening and due diligence services. By deploying ARANEA, we now have a more effective employment background screening and due diligence process.

Be ready to take your employment background screening process and due diligence to the next level.

Contact us today for further information related to our court check services and other background screening and due diligence services.

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